Jul. 18, 2016

IBMA Round Two Voting Complete


The second of three ballots from the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) has closed. Baucom and band appeared on ballot two in a variety of categories, including:  Banjo Player of the Year, Song of the Year ("The Rock" written by Thom Case AND "Around The Corner" written by Milan Miller and Thomm Jutz), Recorded Event of the Year ("The Rock"-Terry Baucom, Joey Lemons, Caleb Smith, Steve Bryant and Shawn Lane). Terry was guest on another round-2 listing: "Secrets In The Shadows" by Buddy Melton and Milan Miller with Baucom, John Cowan and Rob Ickes from the recording, "Secrets Dreams and Pretty Things" which showed up in the Album of the Year round two category. 

On Wednesday, July 27, the final nominees will be announced at 11 am eastern on Bluegrass Junction (channel 61 on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio)

...fingers crossed!