Aug. 29, 2016

Songwriter Back Story features

Irene Kelley recently caught up with songwriters, Milan Miller and Thomm Jutz-writers of "Around The Corner", recorded by Terry Baucom's Dukes of Drive.  The feature can be read in full from the Bluegrass Today site.  Thanks to Irene for the article and to Milan and Thomm for the kind words about the performance of their song:

“With Around The Corner, we thought it was more contemporary in terms of chord progression. But it’s one of those songs that, when you hear the cut [final recorded version], it freaks you out how good it is,” Thomm says, becoming more animated as he reveals his reverence for the artist that recorded their song, “They changed some phrasing things that we never would have thought about. The arrangement is GREAT. The singer sings it as if it’s his own song. It is, of course, an honor to have an artist like Terry Baucom record one of my songs. Terry is one of my favorite players and the lead singer, Joey Lemons, is one of the best voices in bluegrass.” Milan echoes the sentiment: “it went from what I thought was just a good song, after hearing their version…well, it just made it 100 times better.”

Please visit our "Media" page to listen to "Around The Corner" in its entirety.