Feb. 03, 2020

Two New Singles Released To Radio

"Here Come The Teardrops" is the first Bluegrass single from a project slated for release later this year on Driving Duke Records. As in several times past, we called on songwriter, Milan Miller for original material. This one fits The Dukes of Drive very well. We appreciate the reception it is already getting on Bluegrass Radio Shows across the country. We also wanted to give radio a Bluegrass Gospel song from the forthcoming recording. Writer Mike Garris provided his original song, "Will The Light Be Shining Bright (Within Your Soul)". Cindy Baucom is featured on the lead vocal of this one, with Terry and Joey completing the vocal trio...and Will Jones on guitar and Joe Hannabach on bass. Any radio programmer who did not receive a copy by mail can contact us or visit AirPlayDirect.com to download your copy. It is always fun to have new music on the radio that Bluegrass fans can enjoy!